"Lithium Boost Technologies has apparently become the standard in lithium battery installations for low speed electric vehicles."


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About us

Based in San Diego, California, Lithium Boost Inc. provides integrated Lithium-ion battery systems deploying LiFePo4 cells, to power low speed electric vehicles (LSEV) and emerging applications. As documented by industry analysts, Lithium-ion batteries have won the race to be the chemistry of choice for electric vehicle traction power.


The company was founded in 2011 by industry veterans who drew upon their vast experience to lead the development of advanced lithium battery systems for LSEV and Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (NEV).


Based on its patented technology, Lithium Boost has built performance-optimized lithium systems that are governed and protected in all stages of operations, charge and discharge. Our battery system deploys premium LiFePo4 lithium cells from state-of-the-art manufacturer representative in USA.


Providing a complete solution, which is lithium-cells agnostic, these systems include chargers, Battery Management System (BMS), gauges, wiring and accessories. The Lithium Boost battery system is uniquely designed for agility and ease-of-installation, while bearing the obvious advantages of lithium-ion batteries over lead-acid solutions.


The superiority of lithium-ion batteries is clear due to their dramatic lighter weight, significant longer life-cycle, elimination of maintenance hassle and cost, shorter charge times, longer range, and in the bottom line - lower total life cost.


Lithium Boost strives to provide best-in-class lithium battery systems and support services to satisfy the constantly growing market need for lithium-powered electric vehicles.



Sam Lev and John Wade co-founded Lithium Boost with the vision to create a world-class s environmental-friendly solution to power low speed electric vehicles and emerging applications.

Sam Lev, CEO

Sam Lev, CEO of Lithium Boost Technologies Inc, founded the company with the vision to create a world-class s environmental-friendly solution to power low speed electric vehicles and emerging applications.


 Sam has global leadership experience and extensive knowledge of the automotive industry, including electric cars (EV1). He is leading the development of innovative lithium battery systems for low speed electric vehicles, formulating the business strategy and managing its global operations and supply chain.


Prior to founding Lithium Boost Technologies, Sam served as the COO of Grrreen, where he led the global business operations of advanced Lithium-Ion technology development.

Previously, Sam held executive management positions at EDS, HP, DriveCam, and SmartDrive.


Sam holds Mechanical Engineering Degree from Michigan Technological University and a Masters degree in Industrial Engineering and Operations from Wayne State University. Sam graduated from EDS/HP senior executive training school.

John Wade, Chief Engineer

John Wade has many years experience in the electronics industry and is the holder of over 30 industry patents. He has held both engineering and management positions  at HP as well as doing several years of consulting work.


He has been involved with electric vehicles for over five years and has multiple patents pending in that field.


John holds a Bachelors degree in Engineering from UCLA and a certificate from the Executive program at San Diego State University.

Tsipi Landen, VP Strategic Communications

Tsipi has extensive experience in corporate communications and business relations including on-line marketing and public relations. During her career, Tipi's help management positions at several high-tech companies in the areas of semiconductor (Chip Express, eASIC, Wafer Yield, BaySand), enterprise software (Global Factory), social media/virtual world (Timeless Cities), and PR (Parallel Communications).


Tsipi holds a Bachelor’s degree in criminology and psychology from Bar Ilan University, Ramat Gan, Israel, and a Master’s degree in communications from The Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel.


John Salisbury, VP Marketing

John has extensive experience in product marketing design for major corporations such as Kyocera, Sony, Intuit, and Verifone. John has helped numerous startups develop product marketing vision and execution such as BoomCloud 360 and ZZYXX shoes.


John is a world class experience designer and holds several user interface patents.




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