Lithium Boost Technologies Dealer of the Year Award 2015 Presented to A1 Custom Golf Cars

A1 Custom Golf Cars Grew Significantly Their Business of Lithium-powered Golf Carts in Palm Desert, California



San Diego and Palm Desert, CA, December 20, 2015 – Lithium Boost Technologies Inc., the leading provider of innovative Lithium-ion battery systems to power Low Speed Electric Vehicles (LSEVs) has recognized A1 Custom Golf Cars (Palm Desert. CA) as Dealer of the Year 2015.

This award was presented to Malcolm Gochioco, Owner of A1 Custom Golf Cars, and his team to recognize their rapidly growing sales of the Lithium Boost complete battery solution. A1 Custom Golf Cars have demonstrated their commitment to excellent customer service by offering an innovative, advanced lithium battery solution that eliminates the lead-acid maintenance hassle while providing better performance & longer life cycle.


Additionally, A1 Custom Golf Cars is recognized for adopting Lithium Boost’s preferred business engagement in which the dealerships purchase the lithium cells directly from the manufacturer while Lithium Boost provides their patented smart BMS (Battery Management System) and chargers system that can work with almost any lithium cells brand.


“We are excited to support the A1 Custom Golf Cars team and help them further grow their customer base in the region by providing best-in-class lithium powering solution and excellent customer service”, said Sam Lev. Lithium Boost CEO. “We appreciate Malcolm Gochioco’s eagerness to embrace innovation and congratulate him for successfully coping with the challenges of new technology adoption. We’re confident that the synergy between A1 Custom Golf Cars and Lithium Boost will bring out additional exciting solutions, including one related to solar energy for golf cars”.


“I’m proud of the A1 Custom Golf Cars’ achievement and pleased to accept this award that recognizes the outstanding work of our team including Jarvin Aivaz, Service Manager and Jerry Lundquist, General Manager, Said Malcolm Gochioco. After several years of testing lithium batteries on golf cars and other electric vehicles, I'm very glad to see that they have become worry-free and more economical to install on golf cars and are eventually a reality for electric vehicles. We chose Lithium Boost’s complete solution due to their smart BMS and chargers that enable us to benefit from the lithium advantages and hence satisfy our customer’s needs for golf cars and neighborhood vehicles with high performance. I look forward to working with Lithium Boost more closely on our future products.”


About Lithium Boost

Based in San Diego, California, Lithium Boost Technologies Inc. provides innovative integrated Lithium-ion battery systems deploying high-quality LiFePO4 cells to power low speed electric vehicles (LSEVs) and emerging applications.

Based on its proprietary technology, Lithium Boost has built a complete performance-optimized lithium-ion system with smart BMS (Battery Management System) and chargers that allow to best harness the power of lithium-ion technology.

Privately held, the company was founded in 2011 to lead the development of green energy system that can replace existing lead acid batteries in golf carts, Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (NEV), off-road, hunting, and similar low speed vehicles, while eliminating the maintenance hassle, and providing higher performance and longer life cycle at competitive cost. For more information: www.lithiumboost.com.



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