DIY Lithium 60ah 48v conversion in an EZGO golf cart.


Gary King, from Michigan installed 60ah in 48V EZGO cart by  himself.


 "After a couple of months of the installation of a Lithium Boost system, I'm extremely happy with the results"


With lead acid batteries in the same cart, I was never able to get more than 27 holes of play without stopping to recharge. Now I can routinely get 36 holes of play out of a single charge.


Some of my friends think I'm nuts, offering comments like, "If this technology was any good, the golf cart manufacturers would be selling it as a option." and "Why are you putting such new technology into such an old cart?” To them I say if you use your cart a lot like my wife and I do, it makes complete financial sense based on the fact that you can get up to 10x the charging cycles, bigger depth of discharge and better overall performance due to the significant weight reduction that the Lithium Boost solution offers. Plus, the system appeals to my curious nature, was relatively easy to install and it was a fun project for my wife and I to work on for a couple of weeks!


The folks at Lithium Boost have been great throughout the whole process. They responded quickly via email when I had some questions during installation, and talked me through a few "unexpected results" (mistakes I made during my unnecessary tinkering) after installation. They even replaced a charger for free after I smoked it by wiring it backwards!


Thanks, and congratulate your team on providing a simple, affordable, safe, and effective lithium solution for me.

Are you interested in getting the extended charging cycles, bigger depth of discharge and better overall performance like Gary?

The Lithium Boost battery solution that Garry used:


1 Battery Management System (BMS)

15 Lithium smart chargers in a charger module

15 Lithium 60ah battery cells

1 Lithium gauge


Technical support and documentation

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