Golf Cart Advisor July/August 2014 Highlights

Lithium Boost was included in Golf Cart Advisor 2014 Golf Car Improvements in Features & Durability article in the July/August 2014 issue.


Here is what they wrote about us:


"Lithium Boost Technologies has has apparently become the standard in lithium battery installations for Low Speed Electric Vehicles. The battery and management system is powerful, durable, and ecologically friendly, thusly a great option to the standard lead acid battery system, featuring lighter weight and better performance, no need for battery watering systems, no corrosion and maintenance-free. In addition, the life span is 15-20 years compared to the 2-4 years for the standard lead-acid battery set up. Performance results are 3X better in respect to range and enhanced performance. Significant increases in mileage have been reported from a 12-15 mile range with a lead-acid battery  setup to an improvement of 48-54 mile range with the Lithium Boost technology on a single charge. With a desire for convenience, lithium technology is a fitting a need in the golf car/electric vehicle industry."


We are grateful for Golf Cart Advisor for including us in this article and will continue to offer our lithium technology to the low speed electric vehicle market.


For media inquires please email John Salisbury at johns@lithiumboost.com




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