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Lithium golf cart battery conversion in Palm Springs

Bob DeWaayer has two rental properties in Palm Springs, California. Each property comes with a golf cart for use on the local golf course.

Bob was fed up with all the hassle that comes with having lead acid batteries. The lead acid spills on his garage floor, problems keeping the batteries watered properly, and his tenants were getting stuck on the golf course. The final straw came when one of his lead acid batteries exploded and damaged his cart.


He needed a solution to his battery problems!


Bob contacted us as he had heard of the benefits of our hassle free LithiumBoost Pro system.  Unfortunately we didn't have a dealer in Palm Springs at the time, so Bob installed them himself. He found the process easy and straightforward and has been very happy with the ease of use  maintenance free service. This was huge for Bob as he doesn't have to spend his time fixing his cart's battery problems that his tenets encountered.


Lucky for Bob we now have  A1- Custom golf carts in the Palms Spring area to service him and those in the Palm Springs area.


If you want the maintenance free experience of our lithium battery solutions please check out our available Dealers or tell your local dealer about us and we will help them choose the best system for your needs.




Bob's cart goes from Lead Acid to Lithium in a matter of hours!

He replaced his lead acid battery system with our compact lithium system.

Watch Bob's testimonial for yourself



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