How to install our system

Jason Nole of Powered Up located in central California shared with his us pilot installation of our Li-36/60 system in his Club Car.


Jason's company Powered Up is available for mobile installations in the Central California area and Jason is also looking people interested in becoming part of his mobile installation franchise nationwide.

Visit poweredup for more details.


Smart Charger module Li-36/60

Lithium Boost Smart Charger & BMS module as it was shipped to Jason. The Li-36/60 comes with 11 chargers and one BMS.

Power connector

piggybacks with other chargers

Battery Management System(BMS)

Jason choose to repackage the BMS module to be more compact.


Remove old batteries

Pull out your old batteries and clean under the seat.

Ready for the cells.


Preparing the cells

11 lithium 60ah cells.

Some people build a wood platform for the cells to sit on. Jason made a box.

Box of cells placed under the seat.


Connecting the Smart Charger & Lithium cells

Using the supplied materials Jason connected the chargers to cells.


Installing the lithium power gauge


Final installation

A very clean install by Jason!

Jason even tricked his cart out with lighting under the seat.

*Require additional engineering.



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