E-Z-GO Golf Cart conversion





 "It does everything I ask and more!"


I just want to say that I had no idea what to expect from the lithium Boost system. I have been using the system on a cart that was built for mountain roads, hills , hunting and shooting clay pigeons and I am truly impressed with the power addition to the machine and how long it stays charged. It's just a 36v system and I was a little worried if I would have to upgrade. It does everything I ask and more! I also added some weight to the cart and it made no difference in performance its still a monster. Thanks Lithium boost super happy.



Jack B Howell

The Lithium Boost battery solution that Jack used:


1 Battery Management System (BMS)

15 Lithium smart chargers in a charger module

15 Lithium 60ah battery cells

1 Lithium gauge


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