Joe Waddell of The Villages in Florida lithium conversion of his 2014 GEM e2 golf cart.


Joe Waddell and his 2014 GEM golf cart


 "Lithium Boost system provides more than double the travel distance of my GEM gel batteries"


Joe Waddell of The Villages, Florida installed a Lithium Boost 72V 180ah system in his 2014 GEM e2 low speed vehicle in coordination with his GEM dealer.


I completed the installation January 30, 2016.  John Wade of Lithium Boost Technologies, Inc. provided exceptional customer support throughout the entire installation process. I needed more distance between charges than the 25 to 30 miles the GEM gel batteries provided. My Lithium Boost system provides more than double the travel distance of my GEM gel batteries.  Charging times on trips as long as 38 miles have been 4 hours or less.  This is less than half as long as the GEM gel battery charging times for trips of 20 to 25 miles. Travel during the summer when Florida temperatures are warmer does not appear to have any significant impact on distance or charging times. I am very satisfied with the performance of my Lithium Boost system.




Joe Waddell

August 2, 2016

The Lithium Boost battery solution that Joe used:


1 Battery Management System (BMS)

22 Lithium smart chargers in a charger module.

22 Lithium 180ah battery cells

1 Lithium gauge


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