Lithium Boost Dealer of the Year!

San Diego, CA - Lithium Boost Technologies, Inc., the leading innovator of lithium technology for low speed electric vehicles has announced our dealer of the year.


Our Dealer of the Year is John White the owner of Classi Carts, Classi Golf Cars, and Grande Valley Golf Cars in Arizona. He has sold over 90 of our Lithium Boost Battery systems in 2012 and expects to triple that in the next year.

Visit him at www.classigolfcars.com to see how he does it!


Lithium Boost Technology Inc. Based in San Diego, CA. has been developing the system for over 4 years. We tested the system in over 120 vehicles globally with great success. We currently have several dealers that are featuring our system. We are supporting 60AH, 100AH, 130AH, 180AH and 200AH cells. The size of the cells will be customized to the customer application. We have a strategic partnerships with CALIB USA & Lithium Storage Incorporated to provide quality automotive quality cells. We also have a robust supply chain operation.




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