Lithium Boost has a new Dealer in the FL Villages!

San Diego, CA - Lithium Boost Technologies, Inc., the leading innovator of lithium technology for low speed electric vehicles has begun selling it's system in the Florida Villages.


The range needs of the typical Villages resident far exceed the typical golf carts and requires an innovative solution. The reduced weight of the Lithium Boost battery solution allows them to have more battery cells which provides that longer range. Lithium battery cells also lasts about 4 times as lead acid batteries. That many more maintenance free years!


Watch our video to see more!


Founder & CEO  Tony Colangelo of The Villages Golf Cart Man is excited to be the first offering this cutting edge technology to the residents of the Villages.


Get the cutting edge lithium battery solutions at The Villages Golf Cart man and be the first in your community to have our system.

The Villages Golf Cart Man is located at 110 Lagrande Blvd, The Villages, FL 3215 (352) 674-9400.

Visit them at www.villagesgolfcartman.com.




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