EZGO RXV Golf Cart Conversion in Sun Lakes, Arizona.




"The Lithium boost system provide plenty of capacity for

several rounds of golf"


"I replaced my 2014 batteries late in 2016 with Lithium Boost System after the summer heat took its toll. The cart is much lighter, charge time is fast and simple, and when I am gone for the summer just unplug and forget. The Lithium boost batteries provide plenty of capacity for several rounds of golf plus running around our golf cart community. This is the future".



Martin Neilson

Sun Lakes, AZ


Martin's system was installed by Classi Golf Cars in Sun Lakes, Arizona.

The Lithium Boost battery solution that Martin used:


1 Battery Management System (BMS)

15 Lithium smart chargers in a charger module

15 Lithium 60ah battery cells

1 Lithium gauge


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