GEM Golf Cart conversion





 "Now I can go wherever I want without worrying!"


As a long time Gem owner, I have a love/hate relationship with my Gem. I have always loved the way it handles and drives.  And the safety factors of the cart are not matched by any other cart available.  I have always hated having to worry if my batteries would last long enough to get me home. There have been many/many times that I simply didn't take the cart since I knew that my batteries would not get me where I was going and back.


Well, a year ago, that all changed.  I replaced the standard batteries with a set of Lithium Boost batteries. Now, instead of charging my cart every night, I simply recharge it once a week. I can easily drive 30-35 miles a week without needing to recharge it. If I need to go some place over 20 miles from home, it is no problem. In fact, I have many times driven my cart over 40 miles in a single day without recharging with no problems.


My 10 year old cart now drives better then new. The batteries have changed how I view and use my cart. I could have purchased a new cart, but for about 1/3 the cost of a new cart, I simply replaced my batteries. Now, I can go wherever I want, without worrying.


When I had questions, the people at Lithium Boost answered them quickly and professionally. There response and service have been superb.


From my standpoint, I would highly recommend Lithium Boost and their battery replacement system for all Gem owners.


Sincerely, Mike Pelle

The Lithium Boost battery solution that Mike used:


1 Battery Management System (BMS)

15 Lithium smart chargers in a charger module.

15 Lithium 100ah battery cells

1 Lithium gauge


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