Polaris Hunting Vehicle gets over 100 miles with 2 LithiumBoost Ultra 200ah battery systems!



Chester Williams of Texas

Chester has a beautiful Polaris Heavy-duty electric vehicle. He wasn’t getting the mileage range he needed from his lead acid batteries and they were going to destroy his cart from all the acid corrosion.


Every three months, Chester had to spend a whole day pulling out his lead acid batteries to clean his cart from all the corrosion. He even had to replace the floorboards. The lead acid even got on his garage floor!


Sound familiar?


The corrosion and the range issues lead him to try Lithium Boost’s lithium innovative battery solution.


Chester had two sets of LithiumBoost Ultra LB-48/200ah systems installed in his cart to ensure he would get the range he needed. Depending on terrain and the load he carries,  he can get 100 miles on a single charge. After driving over 50 miles he switches to his second battery system. He has never been without battery power on a trip and charging is fast and easy.


Chester estimates that with his Lithium Boost system he gets about 5 times the range he got with lead acid batteries.


The system is compact and very clean, no mess, maintenance or hassle!

He no longer has to spend time cleaning his cart and feels secure the battery system and his cart will last him a long time.



Chester had his lithium system installed at Classi Golf Cars in Sun Lakes, Arizona.


The mechanic has installed many Lithium Boost battery systems but never this large! Chester's cart is the first of it's kind.


After the installation Chester was able to drive his long range lithium powered cart. This was the solution to his range and maintenance problems.



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