How our system works

Our systems include Smart chargers, Battery Management System (BMS), gauges, wiring and accessories and lithium-ion battery cells.

Lithium Boost Smart Charger Module

For optimum performance it is important that the lithium cells are kept charge balanced with one another. To accomplish this quickly and efficiently, the charging function consists of individual chargers mounted together in a charger module. This arrangement insures each cell receives a full charge as indicated by its individual charge indicator light turning from red to green.

Smart Charger module Li-36/60

back view

Individual charger

Power connector

Metal Bracket frame

Battery Management System(BMS)

Our Smart Chargers and BMS module is what differentiates us from the competition


Individual charger

Our unique system of individual charger per cell efficiently optimizes performance of each cell but also allows easy replacement of either as needed. This is much more cost effective and further extends the life of investment.

Lithium cell

top view

Power connector

piggybacks with other chargers

Battery connector

Connects with lithium cells

Smart Charger

side view

Lithium cells

The lithium cells come shipped loose from a distribution center that way it is easier to configure per LEV. This allows greater modularity and easy replacement of the individual cell should one go bad.

Lithium cells for Li-36/60

side view

*Require additional engineering.



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